Life Coach

You decide! Private face to face coaching sessions or via video conference.


People from all walks of life who want to be in control, feel confident and love their life.


Exploring your situation, feelings and behaviour brings clarity, letting you flourish.

HI I’m Roo Davies

I’m a life coach helping people thrive rather than just survive.

One thing that my clients share is a desire to live a life that they love. I work with people from all walks of life and put simply, I help them figure stuff out!

I help people better understand who they are and what makes them tick, empower them to be in control and feel confident so that they can make positive choices and gain clarity about how they want to live.

I don’t have a magic wand but together using my coaching framework in a compassionate, safe and confidential space, we can make magic happen!

I became a life coach after a series of events left me feeling like the rug had been pulled from under me. My life had changed which led to a period of uncertainty. Over time, with coaching, I regained control and shaped my next chapter. I am passionate about sharing how powerful the coaching process can be.


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Are you a small business owner ready to take your business to the next level?

Whether launching a new business, scaling growth or clarifying your proposition business coaching will help you reach your goals. My coaching expertise combined with 20 years working in marketing, provides a unique blend of know-how, experience and mentoring to help you accelerate your business.

My practical coaching style is results driven. I help my clients find focus, shape strategy, define brand identity and messaging whilst creating actionable plans.

Life Coach in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire


I really enjoyed our weekly sessions. Roo helped me make connections that were previously alluding me! A great listener and never rushed things. Her coaching has really helped me conquer my fear of moving forward with something which I had always deemed as a dream. I’m now making that dream a reality. I am excited about my future and very thankful that I took the step to try life coaching for the first time.
I have met very few people in my life who have an innate ability to connect, to empathise and to proffer sense and kindness and wisdom. Roo is one of these people. She is calm, engaging, wise and funny. She guides you through questions to help you find answers - without you even realising you are on a journey.
Straight away I felt like I could trust Roo and it felt natural to open up and talk about my issue.  I talked and she listened without judgement.  What is so clever with Roo, is the way she leads you into making your own connections and realisations.  I've not experienced that before. She doesn't offer advice because she doesn't need to. You are helping yourself with Roo guiding and supporting you all the way.  Suffice to say after months of struggling, the sessions helped me uncover and work through some deep seated stuff and I've been feeling amazing ever since.  Thank you Roo.