Why it works


You may be asking questions such as, ‘What is life coaching all about?’, ‘Why would I need a coach for my life?’, ‘Surely I can figure this stuff out for myself?’ or ‘How can a coach understand my life as well as I do?’…

These are all valid questions, especially as life coaching is still a relatively new field but take a moment to look at the 4 top benefits of life coaching from a 2016 study by the International Coaching Federation:

  • 80% of clients improved their self-confidence
  • 73% of clients improved their relationships
  • 72% of clients improved their communication skills
  • 67% of clients improved their work-life balance

Seems to good to be true? Certainly not! There is supporting research and plenty of anecdotal evidence…. People who are coached, believe it has a lasting, powerful impact on their lives.

Coaching is so effective because you are at the heart of the process… You are in the driving seat. You are given space to consider, assess and understand your situation. You are challenged, inspired and encouraged to make connections in order to move forward. You decide on your action plan. You define what a successful  and happy outcome looks like, for you.  Ultimately you become empowered to help yourself.

Why Life Coaching Works